Ty Newydd poetry course with Hollie McNish and Luke Wright

I'm well pleased to be teaching alongside the wonderful Hollie McNish on this residential course at the Ty Newedd Writing Centre in November. The course will be aimed at encouraging enjoyment of both writing and reading your poems. We will also have a guest reading from Luke Wright on one of the evenings. This will be a week spent in fine surroundings and fine company, with lots to learn and enjoy as we go.

Full details of the course here.

Battle of Ideas

I'll be appearing on a panel at The Barbican, as part of 2016's Battle of Ideas, to discuss various notions of independent and counter culture, the impact of Rough Trade on our sense of these things and, hopefully making a few contentious statements regarding the commodification of all this, using our seemingly insatiable thirst for nostalgia. Or something.

Anyway, check out the rest of the panel... there will be some seriously good stuff discussed, I'm sure.