Clutag Collectibles 5 Poems Series

I don't know what to say about announcing this without sounding daft, but it's an honour to publish a new pamphlet/leaflet type thing with Andrew McNeillie's brilliant Clutag Press.

One of the 5 Poems series, number 4 in the list, it is available from their website here.

Clutag and Archipelago do such good work it really is incredible to be part of it.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

What a week just passed in Wales with Caught by the River, Fforest Farm and everyone involved at Caught by the River Teifi. Thanks to everybody who made it such a special week. And especially those who attended the workshops... three excellent groups who came up with even better poems.

This Saturday I'm up in Edinburgh at the festival, taking part in the Bus Stops, Cul De Sacs and Rutted Tracks event, reading some poems and discussing how different environments affect our literature.

Do come and say hello if you're up there...